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Making life more like a movie, is what we do.
Now the fun part begins...
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Daniel and his team created brilliant & wildly imaginative concepts that ranged from print ads to transmedia experiences & everything in between.
Magnus Danielson
Touring X
Great strategy, you nailed it. The insights here are really strong, you have a strong grasp of the fantastic "eccentricities" of SXSW...
Nelly Kennedy & Katie Dreke
A major league creative. The Peace March 2012 as well as the Peacemaker app will be vital parts of our global roll out during the coming year.
Rolf Skj├Âldebrand
Based on brilliant insights & hardwork Daniel's team delivered an inspired solution for our brand
Lars Ostman


Here's some cool stuff we've done


"The most romantic way to meet someone".

Go to your favorite places & MeetCute will help you cross paths with someone perfect for you... just like they do in the movies.

Featured in The Guardian, The Next Web, The Boston Globe, CNET & More...


Showdown @ High Noon

Showdown at High Noon is a game that mashes up the attitude of the old west with the technology of modern times.
Everyday between 12:00 & 12:59 (local time) players go out looking for trouble & when they get within 20 meters of one another a showdown begins...

Transitions: Seinfeld

An app that plays the infamous transition music from Seinfeld at appropriate & sometimes inappropriate moments.

Luke Soundwalker

A 3D audio game that puts you inside the head of Luke Skywalker in the classic scene where he first learns to feel the force.

*The phone's accelerometer is used to wield the lightsaber and block laser blasts.

The Slow Clap App

The Slow Clap App is for those moments when you want to start a slow clap, but are afraid no one will support you and you'll end up looking like an ass.


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